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The Uniqueness of Ankara Fabrics

Ankara, popularly referred to as African print, is 100% cotton fabric that has made an impact in the heart of all fashionistas around the world. It is made through a wax-resist dyeing technique called batik and the most sought-after fabric in the world due to the beautiful designs that have been created by spectacular designers.

Ankara is commonly used for fashion items such as blazers, gowns, blouses, swimsuits, trousers, bags, and other accessories you can imagine.

With little creativity, you can turn your Ankara fabric into whatever you envision.

At Jummy's Closet, you will find so many unique designs that we have created using different Ankara fabrics, and we are delighted to say that there are more designs coming in 2023.

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Cheers to 2023, and all the great things to come!!!

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