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Ankara fabrics comes in many patterns, therefore the same fabric seen in this picture / video may not be available; however similar fabric will be used.



If you want the EXACT FABRIC, please contact me first before placing your order just to make sure we have it in stock.


Danshiki blazer.


Buyers will be asked to send their body measurements.



Gorgeous Cape Sleeve Jacket. Hang on the shoulder, and needs no fastening.



Machine  Wash


Hand Dry


Made in Nigeria


Model is 5' 4"


Model measurements:

Bust - 38"

Waist - 34"

Round Arm - 14"

Sleeve Length  - 23"



Made with the choice of your fabric.


Ships within 14 - 21 days


Measurements needed: Front body length, Bust, Waist,  Sleeve length, and Hips

Cape Sleeve Danshiki Blazer - Custom Order Only

Pre Order Now. It will take approximately "4 weeks" to receive your order.
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