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Fashion and Fitness

Updated: Feb 16

Do you embrace glam while working out, ensuring your makeup is flawless? It's more common than you think.

Personally, I aim for a polished look, just in case I encounter my fit squad and decide to capture a spontaneous selfie or two.

Given that, I steer clear of full-face makeup during workouts due to potential harm to the skin. Sweat, oil, and dirt accumulation can lead to irritation and breakouts, so I opt for simplicity with just some lip gloss.

Fashion plays a crucial role in fitness, particularly in gym attire. The surprising impact of feeling confident in what you wear can propel you to go the extra mile. Reflecting on my wardrobe, I noticed a scarcity of plain white or black workout tops; 99% feature prints that align with my emotions or fitness goals, providing continuous motivation.

How does fashion play a role in fitness? It's embedded in the selection of gym attire. The importance of gym clothes in the workout process may be more crucial than you realize.

As many of you are aware, I'm deeply committed to exercise, much like my passion for food 😁. It's evident that I've naturally invested in something I truly love.

The first workout tee I designed proved to be a major hit, ranking among the best-sellers at Jummy's Closet. The feedback received for this top has been exceptionally positive, with customers repeatedly sharing how it inspires them to engage in their workout sessions. I'm referring to "Thou Shalt Workout Today - Mood 24:7."

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Jumping ahead to the following Summer, I introduced five additional designs.

If your life revolves around living, dreaming, and loving the workout experience, then these fitness tees are tailored specifically for you.

Fit + Girl

I adore the simplicity and the strength encapsulated in these two words. Acknowledging the need for support and education in health and weight loss, I initiated a Facebook page to share tips for achieving these goals.

Explore the page for daily and weekly inspiration at

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Fitness Is Bae

I'm really into this top. Shifting our mindset to see that working out isn't as daunting as it may seem can lead to more enthusiasm. Once you put on this top, you'll find yourself genuinely enjoying the workout for the day.

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Living by the mantra 'Gym, Eat, Sleep, REPEAT'

I'm proudly part of this category 🙂. Starting my day with a workout, even if it's just a relaxed mile or two, and wrapping it up the same way.

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Fitness Enthusiast

You'll automatically fall in love with this top if you live a healthy lifestyle, and have fitness goals. You may not be perfect, but being conscious of being fit and healthy makes you a fitness enthusiast.

Fit Squad

Working out alone can be boring. That's why people join the gym or online groups for support. Having your fitness squad around definitely makes working out much easier and enjoyable. Do you have that special workout buddy / buddies you workout with? Then this top is perfect for you.

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Fit + Girl Fitness Hat

Combining fashion and motivation seamlessly. Cultivating a mindset that transforms every workout into a positive step toward a healthier life.

Finding the balance between work and other day to day activities can be overwhelming, but I've always found time to do things that I love. When it comes to fitness, you shouldn't play with it.

Fitness is not just about looking good in clothes, it's more for your overall health. If you love working out, or just starting out, you might find that you won't always be in the mood for it. What has helped over the years and given me the extra push are the motivational gym tops that I wear, and I'm sure it'll definitely motivate you as well.

If you're looking for some inspirations when it comes to new workout clothes that will motivate you to emerge from whatever state you're in; to hit the gym, go walking, running, hiking, or other workouts that you love, then you should definitely check out Jummy's Closet.

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